How to Grow Mushrooms for Profit and Pleasure

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How to Grow Mushrooms for Profit and Pleasure

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For home consumption fresh mushrooms are a highly delicious, nutritious and healthy food; while for market, when successfully grown, they become a most profitable crop.

Anyone who has an ordinary house cellar, woodshed, or barn can grow mushrooms. Good materials to work with and careful attention to all practical details should give good returns. The industry is one in which women and children can take part as well as men, there is very little hard labor attached to it.

In this 1900s classic, the whole subject is treated in detail, minutely and plainly, as only a practical man, actively engaged in mushroom growing, can handle it. The author describes how he himself grows mushrooms, and how they are grown for profit by the leading market gardeners, and for home use by the most successful private growers.

The book is amply and pointedly illustrated.

Contents Covered:

  • Those Who Should Grow Mushrooms
  • Growing Mushrooms in Cellars
  • Growing Mushrooms in Mushroom Houses
  • Growing Mushrooms in Sheds
  • Growing Mushrooms in Greenhouses
  • Growing Mushrooms in the Fields
  • Manure for Mushroom Beds
  • Preparation of the Manure
  • Making up the Mushroom Beds
  • Mushroom Spawn
  • Spawning the Beds
  • Loam for the Beds
  • Earthing over the Beds
  • Topdressing with Loam
  • The Proper Temperature
  • Watering Mushroom Beds
  • Gathering and Marketing Mushrooms
  • Reinvigorating Old Beds
  • Insect and Other Enemies
  • Growing Mushrooms in Ridges out of Doors around London
  • Mushroom Growing in the Paris Caves
  • Cooking Mushrooms
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No. of Pages: 169
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