Hand Weaving: A Manual for Beginning Weavers

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Hand Weaving: A Manual for Beginning Weavers

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Product Information

Originally published in 1960, this classic Hand Weaving manual on the 4-harness, foot-treadle loom has been prepared to meet two major objectives: (1) to help the beginner in Hand Weaving who does not have the services of a teacher available, and (2) to assist the teacher of Hand Weaving in organizing his class instruction.

The step-by-step procedure for setting up a 4-harness, 6-treadle loom and weaving and finishing one project has been written in outline form. It has been divided into two columns, the left column containing the operational steps, the right column containing the explanation or reasons for the steps.

Contents Covered:

  • Equipment Used in Hand Loom Weaving
  • Using the Outline
  • Making a Warp
    • Making a Warp for a Plain Warp Beam
      • Figuring Required Yardage in Warp
      • Buying Yarn
      • Making the Warp
      • Counting Warp Threads
      • Placing Lease in the Warp
      • Taking the Warp off Warping Frame
      • Second Method
  • Setting-up or Dressing the Loom
    • Beaming the Warp on a Plain Warp Beam, Using a Raddle
      • Removing Harnesses and Beater from Loom
      • Placing Warp Beam Stick in Loops of Warp
      • Placing Shed or Lease Sticks in Warp
      • Tying Ends of Shed or Lease Sticks
      • Tying Warp Beam Stick to Warp Beam
      • Placing Raddle or Spacer on Back Beam
      • Spacing Warp in Raddle
      • Winding Warp on Warp Beam
      • Replacing Beater and Harnesses
    • Beaming the Warp on a Plain Warp Beam, Using a Reed
      • Placing Lease Sticks in Warp
      • Threading the Warp through the Reed
      • Placing Warp Stick in Warp
      • Tying Warp Stick to Beam
      • Moving the Cross from the Front of the Reed to the Back of the Reed
      • Tying the New Lease Sticks Together
      • Winding Warp on the Beam
    • Beaming the Warp on a Sectional Warp Beam
      • Preparing the Warp
      • Placing Spools on Spool Rack
      • Threading the Thread Guide
      • Winding on the Warp
    • Setting up Looms -- Tying up Counterbalanced Loom -- Hanging the Harnesses (Temporarily)
      • Tying Harnesses in Place Temporarily
      • Hanging the Small Rollers
      • Hanging Harnesses
    • Setting up Looms -- Tying up Counterbalanced Loom -- Tying Harnesses to the Lamms
      • Attaching each Lamm to Corresponding Harness
    • Setting up Looms -- Tying up a Jack Type or Rising Shed Loom
    • Reading the Pattern or Draft
      • Method of Notation
    • Threading the Heddles from Pattern
      • Preparing Harnesses for Threading
      • Placing Heddles on the Harnesses
      • Threading the Heddles
    • Drawing-in or Sleying
      • Preparing for Sleying
      • Propping Beater or Batten in Position
      • Measuring the Reed
      • Sleying the Warp
    • Tying-in to Apron
      • Unrolling Apron and Bringing over Breast Beam
      • Cutting Slots in Apron
      • Tying-in Warp Ends to Apron
      • Adjusting Tension of All Warp Threads of Apron
    • Tying-up the Treadles
      • Reading the Tie-up Draft
      • Reading the Tie-up Draft from Right to Left
      • Tying the Treadles
  • Weaving
    • Preparing the Weft
      • Making Bobbin or Quill for Boat Shuttle
      • Winding Bobbin for Boat Shuttle
      • Threading Boat Shuttle
      • Winding Flat Shuttle
    • Weaving the Fabric
      • Making a Heading
      • Checking Threading
      • Correcting Mistakes
      • Placing Extra Thread in Warp on a Plain Warp Beam
      • Weaving Twill Pattern
    • Hemstitching
      • Preparing to Hemstitch
      • Hemstitching after Weaving One to Two Inches
    • Changing Bobbins
    • Winding Web on Cloth Beam
    • Using Two Shuttles on a Twill Weave
    • Removing Fabric from the Loom
      • Hemstitching End
      • Overcasting End
      • Cutting Warp
      • Taking Fabric off Cloth Beam
      • Stitching Raw Ends of Fabric
    • Finishing or Processing the Fabric
      • Washing the Fabric
      • Drying the Fabric
      • Pressing the Fabric
  • Appendix
    • General Information
    • Materials for Fabrics
    • References for Additional Reading
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 78
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 10.2 MB
Product Code HANUXJCH84

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