Garments for Girls: A Textbook on Garment Sewing, Cutting and Making

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Garments for Girls: A Textbook on Garment Sewing, Cutting and Making

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Product Information

Originally published in 1919, this textbook teaches the art of cutting women's and children's garments without the aid of commercial patterns, being known to dressmakers and tailors. It is possible, however, for anyone to master the definite yet simple underlying principles which the system of drafting here presents and thus be able to make in a very short time a perfect fitting skirt and waist pattern. These patterns may be readily used as a base upon which all the patterns needed for other garments can be developed. This method is based on geometric principles and is the result of years of careful and patient observations both in the classroom and in practice in the home. It is clear, precise, and leaves nothing to hazard.

The subject matter includes the sewing, the cutting, and the making of the most necessary garments in any girl's wardrobe. Each lesson is a complete unit. In the selection of the work care has been taken to make sure that the lesson of one day reviews that of the previous day and prepares for the one in advance. To acquire skill, repetition is necessary. This has been kept in mind and the writer has endeavored to make the repetition less tiresome and more profitable by giving it variety. Each lesson is followed by such questions as will create thought and discussion on the part of the members of the class, and also will give suggestions to the teacher.

Special attention has been given to the introduction of all possible shortcuts in the construction of garments, without sacrificing the standards of work. Every problem and garment described has been fully worked out in the vocational schools in Wisconsin under the personal direction of the writer.

The aim of the text is to inspire a love for the work. Long experience has proved that a growing interest in handiwork can be developed in almost every girl, provided that the efforts of the student are rewarded with adequate results.

Contents Covered:

  • Foreword
  • Application of Hand and Machine Sewing
  • Garment Construction
  • Sewing Apron
  • Plain Kimono Nightgown
  • Kimono Apron with Tucks
  • Kimono Nightgown with Yoke
  • Kimono Nightgown with Tucks and Hand-Made Trimming
  • Work or Cooking Apron
  • Gores
  • Cooking or Serving Apron
  • Petticoats
  • Drawers
  • Skirts
  • Middy Blouse
  • Shirt Waist
  • Corset Cover
  • Envelope Chemise
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:258
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:62.3 MB
Product CodeGARA5AJA45

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