Fifty Years among the Bees

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Fifty Years among the Bees

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Original published in the 1910s, Fifty Years among the Bees is one of the greatest works on fundamental knowledge of beekeeping, featuring more than 100 illustrations.

It is amazing how little has changed in the world of beekeeping. Sure there have been changes, but overall things are being done today much in the same way they have been done since the Langstrogh hive was invented. So, this beekeeping classic has as much practical advice as the most modern books, despite the fact that it was written nearly 100 years ago.

About the author -- Excerpt from the Wikipedia:

Dr. C. C. Miller was a practical commercial beekeeper who specialized in comb honey production. He was originally a physician, but gave up that profession to keep bees and to write about beekeeping. For many years he was also a popular advice columnist for American Bee Journal.

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