Doilies to Treasure, Lily Book 1600

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Doilies to Treasure, Lily Book 1600

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Product Information

Originally published by the Lily Mills Company, this vintage doily crochet pattern book contains 27 unique, practical designs that can brighten your home and refresh your living.

Patterns and instructions for:

  • Design No.1: Doily Set, "Rose-in-Bloom"
  • Design No.2: Clover-Leaf Doily
  • Design No.3: Doily in Filet Crochet, "Thistles in the Garden"
  • Design No.4: Doily in "Shadow Filet"
  • Design No.5: Doily Set, "Hostess' Delight"
  • Design No.6: Vanity Set, "Pineapple... All in a Whirl"
  • Design No.7: Table Doily Set, "Sheer Witchery"
  • Design No.8: Centerpiece in Shadow Filet, "Friendship Plume"
  • Design No.9: Frilly Centerpiece
  • Design No.10: Table Doily Set, "Checks with a Delicate Air"
  • Design No.11: Vanity Set, "Fair and Square"
  • Design No.12: Refreshment Set, "Time out for Refreshment"
  • Design No.13: 3 Sherbert Doilies, "Party Frills"
  • Design No.14: Centerpiece in "Crocheted Cutwork"
  • Design No.15: Doily, "Ruffles Run Riot"
  • Design No.16: Breakfast Table Doily Set, "Pick a Daisy"
  • Design No.17: Table Doily Set, "Rippling Stripes"
  • Design No.18: Buffet Doily Set, "Star of Them All"
  • Design No.19: Buffet Scarf, "Tomorrow's Heirloom"
  • Design No.20: Table Scarf in Filet Crochet
  • Design No.21: Breakfast Tray Set, "Good Morning, Dear"
  • Design No.22: Bread Tray Doily, "Service Frills"
  • Design No.23: Doily Set, "Breakfast in the Garden"
  • Design No.24: Place Mat for the Small Fry, "Pete 'n Tweet"
  • Design No.25: Coaster Refreshment Set, "Pretty Props"
  • Design No.26: Three-in-a-Row, "Trio-Tricks"
  • Design No.27: Doily, "Oriental Fantasy"
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 24
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 14.2 MB
Product Code DOIC7L1022

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