Doilies to Crochet and Knit, Coats & Clark Book No.163

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Doilies to Crochet and Knit, Coats & Clark Book No.163

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Product Information

No one ever has enough doilies... or runners... or luncheon sets and they're such pretty bits of usefulness! New ideas, here, bursting with imagination... bubbling with charm. New patterns... and delightful shapes that make you look for your crochet hook... Such exquisite doily designs in this 1941 pattern book!

Patterns and instructions for:

  • Hospitality No.7405: Smartly Simple Console Set... Awfully easy to make... for you use just the simplest stitches to create its modern pattern. Grand to set off your favorite bric-a-brac.
  • Doilies with a Jewel-Like Beauty: Lovely little doilies like these, placed on dark, gleaming occasional tables... reveal a precious, jewel-like quality that shows what discriminating taste you have!
    • Sweetheart Corsage No.7417
    • Day Dream No.7318
    • King's Ransom No.7397
  • Garden Gate No.7321: Entertain with Color... A new wave of color engulfs smart hostesses! Picture this charming luncheon set in color brightening your table... or the runner that gaily flaunts two colors!
  • Doilies with a Delicate Air: Upstairs, downstairs, and in my lady's chamber... doilies silhouette their frost-like traceries... charming when the edges have the "different" look that marks these beauties!
    • Vanity Fair No.7406
    • Star of India No.7365
  • Heirlooms to Hand Down: Just see how much a doily does for a table... whether it is the elaborate "Royal Pineapple" with its wealth of stunning detail... or the demure, simplicity of "Sundial".
    • Royal Pineapple No.7275M
    • Sundial No.7423
  • Charming Doilies... the Little Things that Count: The fastidious hostess uses doilies for that little touch we love so much. Gleaming white filet on bread tray... a runner... or when glasses of something cool is in order... a bevy of little doilies.
    • Periwinkle No.7348
    • Bread Tray Doily No.7396
    • Trailing Vine No.7412
  • Butterfly Wings No.7421: Curlicues Are Chic... This doily looks just as though a big butterfly has settled on your table... and its gay colors further the illusion! It has a delightful peasantry texture.
  • Castles-in-the-Air No.7404: Filmy Charm... A luncheon set of cobweb beauty... so snow-white on your gleaming table.
  • Queen of the Garden No.7399: Haunting, Legendary Charm! Such a magnificent runner... really breath-taking! Full blown roses and graceful scrolls highlight the pristine beauty of the center.
  • Beauties to Treasure: Two enchanting knitted doilies that speak of background and breeding... Capture their rippling symmetrical beauty and quaint "other day" charm for your traditional tables!
    • Arrow and Pine No.7402
    • Governor's Lady No.7403
  • Rose of Sharon No.7271
  • Spanish Tile No.7376A
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 23
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 15.4 MB
Product Code DOIGIIFQ22

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