Christ and the Lodge (8th Edition)

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Christ and the Lodge (8th Edition)

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"Pastor Swanson, yearning over the souls committed to his trust, felt the need of talking over the lodge question with his people. Accordingly, he prepared a study of Masonry, from its own sources, in the light of God's Word, which he offered to his parishioners. For some time we have felt that Pastor Swanson's valuable discussion ought to reach a much wider circle than his own congregation. We are, therefore, happy to announce that he has consented to have his paper published. We ask God to richly bless and use it."

"There are several features of this article which commend it to the readers, be they Lodge members or not. One of these is the irenic spirit in which it is written. Pastor Swanson is not out to pick a quarrel but to help and enlighten those who are willing to receive aid. The discussion is fair throughout. He does not pose as a judge. He goes to the standard Masonic sources, compares their statements with the Word of God and allows the Bible to be the judge. Then he leaves it to the reader to accept or reject the verdict of God's own Word."

"The majority of the Lutheran churches in our land have seen fit to write into their by-laws an article denying church membership to persons who are members of the Lodges, but in practice this clause is quite commonly ignored. While other false religions are pointed out it belongs to the exceptional to hear a voice raised against the Lodges. In fact, defenders of these institutions are beginning to appear in our own ranks."

"In view of the confusion that exists among the people, we feel that Pastor Swanson's discussion will be welcomed by those who really want to be enlightened."

Contents Covered:

  • Introduction
  • The Minister's Duty
  • Can We Discuss Masonry?
  • Why We Cannot Approve Masonry
  • Is Masonry a Religion?
  • Masonic Initiation Is Same as Regeneration
  • Masonry Offers Salvation by Good Works
  • Masonry Promises Salvation
  • Masonry Ignores the Vicarious Atonement
  • Masonry Rejects Deity of Jesus
    • Jesus Christ Was Not God
    • We All Can Become What He Was
    • Jesus Is Placed On a Par with Other Founders of Religions
    • Jesus Was a Mason
  • Masonry Places All Religions On a Par
  • Masonry Eliminates the Name of Jesus
    • Jesus Christ Is Omitted from the Prayers
    • Jesus Christ Is Carefully Eliminated from Certain Bible Passages Read in the Lodge
    • Masonic Hymns
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 39
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
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