Barn & Outbuilding Plans

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Barn & Outbuilding Plans

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Product Information

When this book was published in the 1880s, more than half the population of North America lived on farms - making good barns and outbuildings was a necessity in that era.

The book presents numerous practical examples of barns and outbuildings, both large and small, ranging from cattle and sheep barns/shelters to poultry houses and dog Kennels, completed with floor plans, building instructions and over 250 illustrations.

For more than a century, this book remains one of the best on the subject!

Contents Covered:

  • General Farm Barns
    • The Barn of Mr. David Lyman
    • Mr. Lawson Valentine's Bam
    • An Ohio Barn
    • A Missouri Barn
    • A Good Farm Barn
    • Another Barn for Mixed Farming
    • Mr. Charles S. Sargent's Barn
    • A Plan for a Small Barn
    • Another Small Barn
    • The "Echo Farm" Barn
  • Cattle Barns and Stables
    • A Cattle Barn
    • A Western Cattle Barn
    • A Second Western Cattle Barn
    • Covered Stalls for Cattle
    • Cheap Cattle Sheds and Barns
    • Cheap Barn and Connecting Stables
    • A Temporary Cattle Shed
    • A Combined Cow Shed and Pigpen
  • Dairy Barns
    • A Westchester Co., N. Y., Dairy Barn
    • An Orange Co., N. Y., Dairy Barn
    • An Extension Dairy Barn
  • Cattle Shelters
    • An Archway Shelter
    • Cheap Temporary Shelters for Stock
    • Cattle Shelters on the Plains
  • Sheep Barns and Sheds
    • A Convenient Sheep Barn
    • Sheep Sheds and Racks
    • Sped for Soiling Sheep
    • Virginia Sheep Barn
    • A Kansas Sheep Shelter
    • Sheep Shelter on the Plains
  • Poultry Houses
    • A Cheap and Convenient Poultry House
    • An Ohio Poultry House
    • Another Cheap Hen House
    • Poultry Houses for Four Varieties
    • Poultry House for a Number of Breeds
    • Poultry Farming and Hillside Poultry Houses
    • Ducks and Duck Houses
    • Winter Care of Fowls
    • Stove for Poultry Houses
  • Piggeries
    • Plan of a Piggery
    • A Convenient Farm Piggery
    • Mr. Crozier's Pigpen
    • A Comfortable Pigpen
    • Pens and Yards for One Hundred and Fifty Hogs
    • A Portable Pigpen
    • Pigpen, Hen House, and Corn Crib Combined
    • A Pigpen and Tool House
    • A Cheap Pigpen
    • Self-Closing Door for Pigpen
    • A Swinging Door for Pigpen
  • Corn Houses and Cribs
    • The Connecticut Corn House
    • An Improved Corn House
    • Western Corn Houses
    • Another Western Corn House
    • A Self-Feeding Corn Crib
    • A Self-Discharging Corn Crib
    • A Cover for Corn Cribs
  • Ice Houses
    • Ice: Its Uses and Importance
    • Plan of an Ice House
    • A Cheap Ice House
    • A Small Ice House
    • Underground Ice Houses
    • An Ice House in the Barn
    • Ice without Houses
    • Ice Houses and Cool Chambers
    • Several Plans
    • A Chamber Refrigerator
  • Dairy Houses
    • Ice House and Summer Dairy Combined
    • A Butter Dairy
    • A Pennsylvania Dairy
  • Spring Houses
    • Interior of Spring House
    • A Dome-shaped, Concrete Spring House
  • Granaries, etc
    • A Granary with its Grain Bins
    • Another Granary with Plan of Grain Bins
    • Plan of Corn Crib and Granary
    • A Measuring Grain Bin
    • Sliding Spout for a Barn and Granary
    • Convenient Grain Bin
  • Smoke Houses
    • A Convenient Smoke House
    • Improved Smoke Houses
    • Cheap Smoke Houses
    • Smoking Meats in a Small Way
    • A Smoke House Convenience
    • An Oven and Smoke House Combined
  • Carriage Houses
  • Dog Kennels
  • Bird Houses and Pigeon Houses
  • The Preservation of Fodders
  • Root Cellars and Root Houses
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 239
Page Size: B5 (176mm × 250mm)
Download Size: 51.7 MB
Product Code BARODOTE6

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