Avery Company Catalogue: Steam Tractors and Traction Engines

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Avery Company Catalogue: Steam Tractors and Traction Engines

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1910s, Avery Company Catalogue is a great reference for Avery steam tractor owners and anyone interested in the history of American Agriculture.

About Avery Company -- Excerpt from the Wikipedia:

The Avery Company was an American farm tractor builder, famed for its undermounted engine, in that the tractor more resembled a railroad engine in a farmer's field, than a conventional farm steam engine. The company was successful until 1924 when a change in the tractor market led to its bankruptcy.

The Avery Company made many traction engines, such as the 1907 steam tractor model. At that time steam was the only form of power and the tractor resembled a miniature locomotive.

Contents Covered:

  • Preparing the Seed Bed
  • Handling the Grain Crop
  • Handling the Corn Crop
  • Handling Miscellaneous Crops
  • Miscellaneous Traction Work
  • Miscellaneous Belt Work
  • Hauling
  • Road Work
  • Motorize All Your Work
  • Raise Larger Crops by Motor Farming
  • Save Expense by Motor Farming
  • Enjoy Life More By Motor Farming
  • Avery 8-Drawbar, 16-Belt H.P. Tractor Specifications
  • Avery 12-Drawbar, 25-Belt H.P. Tractor Specifications
  • Avery 18-Drawbar, 36-Belt H.P. Tractor Specifications
  • Avery 25-Drawbar, 50-Belt H.P. Tractor Specifications
  • Avery 40-Drawbar, 80-Belt H.P. Tractor Specifications
  • Some General Facts You Should Know About Avery Tractors
  • The Avery Motor
  • Avery Fuel System
  • Pull Out This Inner Cylinder Wall
  • Avery Tractors Have Practically Unbreakable Crank Shafts
  • Avery Motors Have 5-Ring Pistons
  • Avery Oiling System
  • Avery Ignition System
  • Avery Cooling System
  • Avery Direct Drive Transmission and Patented Sliding Frame
  • Take Hold of This Lever and Slide the Frame
  • The Patented Avery Sliding Frame and How It Operates
  • All Avery Tractors Have Two Speed Gears
  • All Avery Tractors Have Double Gear Drives
  • Other Advantages of the Avery Transmission and Frame
  • Avery Clutch
  • Avery Wheels
  • Why Avery Tractors Are Reliable and Durable
  • Why An Avery Tractor Stands Up So Well Under Hard Work and Is So Long Lived
  • Why Avery Tractors Are Simple and Light Weight
  • The Facts Which Prove That Avery Tractors Are the Simplest Tractors Built
  • The Lightest Weight Tractors Built Considering Their Draw-Bar Efficiency
  • The Advantages of the "Light-Weight" Of Avery Tractors
  • Why Avery Tractors Are Powerful and Speedy
  • Why Avery Motors Develop an Unusual Amount of Power
  • Why More of the Power Developed By the Motor Is Delivered To the Draw-Bar
  • Why Avery Tractors Are Economical, Accessible and Easy To Handle
  • Wheel Equipment on Avery Tractors
  • Avery 15-Barrel Mounted Steel Water Tank
  • Self-Guide Attachment
  • Road Roller Attachment for the Avery Tractor
  • Hansmann Drill Hitch
  • Hansmann Binder Hitch
  • Griep Binder Hitch
  • Combination Light "Power-Lift" Tractor Plows
  • Special Features of Our Combination Light Tractor Plows
  • Independent Beam Heavy "Self-Lift" Tractor Plows
  • How the Avery "Power Lift-Self Drop" Device Works
  • Other Features On Avery "Self-Life" Plows
  • Sanders Tractor Disc Plows
  • Avery Brush and Marsh Plow
  • Avery 5-10 H.P. Tractor
  • How the Avery Motor Cultivator Is Built
  • Avery "Yellow Kid" Thresher
  • Avery "Yellow Fellow Grain Saver" Thresher
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No. of Pages:84
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
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