Above Life's Turmoil

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Above Life's Turmoil

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James Allen (1864-1912) was a philosophical writer of British nationality known for his inspirational books and poetry. Allen's books describe the use of the power of thought to increase personal capabilities. Many of them remain in print today, including As a Man Thinketh (Allen's most famous work), Above Life's Turmoil, Byways to Blessedness, The Mastery of Destiny, The Path of Prosperity, The Way of Peace. These books have stood the test of time and are still as relevant as when they were first published 100 years ago, and are now considered self-help classics.

Book Excerpt:

We cannot alter external things, nor shape other people to our liking, nor mould the world to our wishes but we can alter internal things, -- our desires, passions, thoughts, -- we can shape our liking to other people, and we can mould the inner world of our own mind in accordance with wisdom, and so reconcile it to the outer world if men and things. The turmoil of the world we cannot avoid, but the disturbances of mind we can overcome. The duties and difficulties of life claim our attention, but we can rise above all anxiety concerning them. Surrounded by noise, we can yet have a quiet mind; involved in responsibilities, the heart can be at rest; in the midst of strife, we can know the abiding peace. The twenty pieces which comprise this book, unrelated as some of them are in the letter, will be found to be harmonious in the spirit, in that they point the reader towards those heights of self-knowledge and self-conquest which, rising above the turbulence of the world, lift their peaks where the Heavenly Silence reigns.

Contents Covered:

  • Foreword
  • True Happiness
  • The Immortal Man
  • The Overcoming of Self
  • The Uses of Temptation
  • The Man of Integrity
  • Discrimination
  • Belief, the Basis of Action
  • Belief that Saves
  • Thought and Action
  • Your Mental Attitude
  • Sowing and Reaping
  • The Reign of Law
  • The Supreme Justice
  • The Use of Reason
  • Self-Discipline
  • Resolution
  • The Glorious Conquest
  • Contentment in Activity
  • The Temple of Brotherhood
  • Pleasant Pastures of Peace
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