A Textbook of Farm Woodwork

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A Textbook of Farm Woodwork

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Product Information

Originally published in 1919, this book is designed primarily for use as a text or reference book in connection with farm shop courses in agricultural schools or in the agricultural departments of rural high schools. The problems that this work presents are many and their seriousness is accentuated by the fact that commonly the farm shop instruction is offered by the teacher of agriculture. This arrangement has an advantage in the fact, that it makes possible a more intimate relationship between the shop work and the various phases of the agricultural work, but it presents serious teaching difficulties and makes necessary such assistance for the teacher as is to be found in this book.

The author's extensive farm experience, technical training, several years of experience as a teacher of shop work to farm boys and his efforts in instructing prospective teachers of vocational agriculture in farm shop work have made an excellent background for such an undertaking as is represented by this volume. As a result he has prepared a book that contains practical problems, carefully analyzed and skillfully presented. Wise use of this volume is certain to result in a marked advance in the character of work done in farm shop courses in agricultural departments and schools.

Contents Covered:

  • Introduction
  • A Course in Farm Woodwork
  • Farm Carpentry Tools
  • Farm Shop Equipment for Schools
  • Farm Shop Problems
    • Farm Shop Work Bench
    • A Six-Student Workbench for the Rural High School
    • Lumber Rack
    • Carpentry Apron
    • Nail and Staple Box
    • Folding Bench
    • Miter Box
    • Waste Basket
    • Seed Corn Testing Box
    • Seed Corn Rack
    • Adjustable Wagon Jack
    • Take-down Horse for Tables, Crates, etc.
    • Saw Horse
    • Saw Filing Clamp
    • Farm Tool Box
    • Wood Box
    • Kitchen Table
    • Dog House
    • Milking Stool
    • Bird Houses
    • Wren House
    • Flicker or Woodpecker House
    • Playground Swing
    • Poultry Feeding Trough
    • Poultry Feed Hopper for 25 Birds
    • Poultry Feed Hopper for 50 Birds
    • Hay Rack
    • Wagon Box
    • Top Wagon Box
    • Stock Rack for Wagon Box
    • Self Feeder for Hogs
    • Sheep Feeding Rack
    • Sheep and Hog Shipping Crate
    • Stitching Horse
    • Apple Box Press
    • Orchard Ladder
    • Fruit Step Ladder
    • Double Deck Berry Stand for 12 Boxes
    • Berry Stand for 6 Boxes
    • Apple Packing Table for Box Apples
    • Packing Table for Barrel Apples
    • A Vise Handle
    • Saw Fitting
    • Jointing, Setting and Filing a Cross Cut Saw
    • Fitting Hand Saws
  • List of Builders' Hardware Every Boy Should Know
  • Lumber Measurement Table
  • Nails and Screws
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 135
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 14.6 MB
Product Code AT0BK5W11

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