A Textbook of Elementary Wrought Iron: 24 Essential Operations and 68 Practical Projects

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A Textbook of Elementary Wrought Iron: 24 Essential Operations and 68 Practical Projects

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Product Information

This simple explanation of the properties of iron and steel, the clear and simplified descriptions of the essential operations of working iron, and the artistic as well as useful projects will appeal to all craftsmen interested in metalworking.

The explanations of the materials and tools are sufficient to give the beginner a complete idea of their source and correct use without burdening him with technicalities. The twenty-four basic operations essential in the handling of metals are kept within the ability of the amateur. It begins with the simplest operations of filing and bending, and continues through all the essential processes to the hardening and tempering of tool steel and finishing completed articles.

Sixty-eight interesting projects are included. Tools which can actually be used in the home shop; furniture; candlesticks; fireplace accessories; etc., are the main problems. A few attractive fillers-in which can be made rapidly and which involve the use of waste stock provide variety. The directions for construction are explicit and are supplemented by 121 original drawings and illustrations.

Original published in the 1930s, this classic textbook of Elementary Wrought Iron is written to point out to industrial-arts men the possibilities of metal work as an industrial-arts subject.

It is true that courses have been offered before and that texts have been written before, but these courses and texts were either all forge work, all sheet-metal work, or all machine work. The present book calls for a shop layout which may be termed a general metal shop; one in which a number of metal-working activities are represented. Thus, while most of the projects in this book are forge work, many of them involve some bench-metal work, sheet-metal work, lathe work, or pipe fitting. Some problems involve only one of these activities, some several, and a few all of them. Here, indeed, is an opportunity to present to the students a broad and comprehensive insight into the metal-working industry.

Contents Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Materials and Tools
    • The Anvil and the Forge
  • Twenty-Four Operations
    • Building a Forge Fire
    • Measuring and Laying off
    • Cutting
    • Tapering
    • Upsetting
    • Flaring
    • Twisting
    • Making Bends over the Anvil
    • Shaping an Eye
    • Shaping a Ring
    • Making Bends in the Bending Fork
    • Bending with the Use of Forms
    • Bending Scrolls over Scroll Forms
    • Raising
    • Making Rosettes and Leaf Ornaments
    • Drilling
    • Riveting
    • Threading
    • Fastening with Clips
    • Brazing
    • Welding
    • Hardening Tool Steel
    • Tempering Tool Steel
    • Finishes
  • Sixty-Eight Projects
    • TOOLS: 1. Center Punch. 2. Nail Set. 3. Cold Chisel. 4. Small Machinist's Clamp. 5. Simple Tap Wrench. 6. Combination Marking Gauge and Depth Gauge. 7. Firm-Joint Calipers. 8. Wrecking Bar. 9. Screw Driver. 10. Ice Pick. 11. Ice Scraper. 12. Hack-Saw Frame. 13. Ice Tongs. 14. Riveting-Hammer Head. 15. Machinist's-Hammer Head.
    • ARTICLES OF FURNITURE AND MISCELLANEOUS: 16. Portable Camp-Fire Grate. 17. Basketball Goal. 18. Kitchen Stool. 19. Taboret. 20. End Table. 21. Telephone Table -- Twisted Design. 22. Telephone Table -- Curved Design. 23. Footstool. 24. Novel Smoker's Stand. 25. Magazine Basket -- With Twist Ornamentation. 26. Magazine Basket -- With Heart Ornament. 27. Foot Scraper -- Goat's Horn Design. 28. Foot Scraper -- Scroll Design. 29. Door Knocker -- Pear Design. 30. Door Knocker -- Scroll Design. 31. Drapery Rods and Accessories. 32. Fern Stand -- With Leaf Ornaments. 33. Fern Stand -- Cross-Bar Design. 34. Aquarium Stand -- With Leaf Ornaments. 35. Aquarium Stand -- With Rosette Ornaments.
    • ANDIRONS AND FIREPLACE ACCESSORIES: 36. Andirons -- Ring Design. 37. Andirons -- Gooseneck Design. 38. Andirons -- Twisted Design. 39. Fireplace Set -- Poker, Shovel, Tongs, and Stand. 40. Log Holder. 41. Fireplace Fender.
    • CANDLESTICKS: General Directions. 42. Single Candlestick -- Tulip Design, 11½ in. Tall. 43. Single Candlestick -- Tulip Design, 7½ in. Tall. 44. Single Candlestick -- Rosette Design. 45. Single Candlestick -- Scroll Design. 46. Candle Sconce. 47. Two-Arm Candlestick -- Twisted Design. 48. Two-Arm Candlestick -- Scroll Design. 49. Three-Arm Candlestick -- With Heart Ornaments. 50. Three-Arm Candlestick -- With Prism Ornaments.
    • LAMPS: General Directions. 51. Desk Lamp -- With Twisted Ornament. 52. Desk Lamp -- With Scroll Ornament. 53. Two-Bulb Lamp -- With a Ring Ornament. 54. Two-Bulb Lamp -- With Scroll Ornament. 55. Table Lamp -- With Four-Leaf Cluster Ornament. 56. Table Lamp -- With Teardrop Ornaments. 57. Table Lamp -- With Scroll Design. 58. Cage Standard. 59. Bridge Lamp -- With Prism Ornament. 60. Bridge Lamp -- With Rosette Ornament. 61. Bridge Lamp -- With Spring-Design Bridge. 62. Bridge Lamp -- With Scroll-Design Bridge. 63. Bridge Lamps -- Welded Designs.
    • FILLER-INS: 64. Bill File. 65. Paper Weight. 66. Good-Luck Horseshoe. 67. Hammer for a Watch Charm. 68. The "Knocker's Delight."
  • Index
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 146
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
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