A Textbook of Elementary Forging Practice

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A Textbook of Elementary Forging Practice

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1920s, this is an elementary forging textbook suitable for blacksmithing students in technical schools.

While a comprehensive knowledge of forging practice can be gained only through contact with a commercial shop doing a wide variety of work, an understanding of fundamental principles can be secured through a carefully planned and conducted course of instruction in a technical school. This book is designed to assist the students in grasping fundamental principles. To this end, a series of 44 projects involving fundamental operations has been devised:

  • Drawing-out and Bending Ring
  • S-Hook
  • Staples
  • Beam Strap
  • Twisted Gate-Hook
  • Practice Welds -- Fagot
  • Round Lap-Weld
  • Flat Lap-Weld
  • Links of Chain
  • Ring -- Round Lap-Weld
  • Ring -- Link Scarf
  • Forged Hook
  • Common Eye-Bolt
  • Common Hinge
  • Flat Ring
  • Band Ring
  • Upset-Head Bolt
  • Welded-Head Bolt
  • Forged Bolt
  • T-Weld
  • Angle Weld
  • Forged Open-End Wrench
  • Flat-Jawed Tongs
  • Link Tongs
  • Hollow-Bit Tongs
  • Cold Chisel
  • Cape Chisel
  • Round-Nose Cape Chisel
  • Center-Punch
  • Round-Nose Tool
  • Cutting-Off Tool
  • Threading Tool
  • Side Tool
  • Boring Tool
  • Cross-Peen Hammer
  • Small Cross-Peen Hammer
  • Ball-Peen Hammer
  • Hot Eye Chisel
  • Cold Eye-Chisel
  • Geologist’s Pick
  • Hand Rock-Drill
  • Machine Rock-Drill
  • Hunting Axe
  • Hunting Knife

Contents Covered:

  • Materials and Equipment
    • Materials
    • Wrought Iron, Norway or Swedish Iron, Machinery Steel, High-Carbon Steel, High-Speed Steel
    • Emery-Wheel Test
    • Weight of Iron
    • Shrinkage
    • Forge, Fire Tools, Coal, Building Fire, Coke, Making Coke, Clinker, Banking Fire, Cleaning Fire at End of Period
    • Anvil, Tool Rack
    • Hammer, Backing Hammer, Cross Peen Hammer, Sledges
    • Tongs, Fitting Tongs to the Work
    • Measuring and Marking Tools
    • Flatter, Set-Hammer, Chisels, Grinding Chisels, Bob-Punch, Necking Tool, Fullers, Swages, Swage Block
    • Vise, Cone, Surface Plate, Shears
  • Drawing-Out, Bending and Twisting
    • Oxidizing Fire
    • To Prevent the Formation of Scale
    • Welding Heat, Indications of a Welding Heat
    • Burned Iron
    • Drawing-out, Squaring, or Truing-up, Work
    • Cutting Cold Stock, Cutting Hot Stock
    • Twisting, Punching
  • Common Welds
    • Lap Weld, Upsetting, Scarfing
    • Use of Fluxes in Welding, Method of Using Flux
    • Welded Rings
    • Forge Hook, Common Eye-Bolt, Common Hinge, Flat Ring, Band Ring, Heading Tool, Cupping Tool, Bolts
  • Special Welds
    • Butt Weld, V-Weld, Jump Weld, Split Weld, Split Weld for Heavy Stock, T-Weld, Angle Weld
  • Hammer Work
    • Trip-Hammer or Belt-Hammer, Steam-Hammer
    • Finishing Allowance
    • Forged Wrench, Flat-Jawed Tongs, Link Tongs, Hollow-Bit Tongs
  • Annealing, Hardening and Tempering Steel
    • Annealing, Box Annealing, Water Annealing
    • Hardening, Refining Heat, Recalescence, Tempering, Guide for Hardening, Tempering only the Cutting Edges of Tools, Hardening and Tempering Tools Throughout, Methods of Cooling, Forging Heat of Tool Steel, Heating Steel for Hardening, Importance of Uniform Heating, Hardening at a Rising Heat, Restoring the Grain, Warping in Cooling, Hardening Thin Flat Articles, Tempering Taps, Tempering Carving Knives, Tempering Shear Blades, Tempering Springs, Case-Hardening, Pack-Hardening
    • Treatment of High-Speed Steel
    • Cutting Stock, Forging Heat, The Fire, Heating for Hardening, Cooling, Annealing
  • Tool Forging
    • Selection of Steel for Tools, Lathe Tools, Cold Chisel, Cape Chisel, Round-Nose Cape Chisel, Center-Punch, Round-Nose Tool, Cutting-off Tool, Threading Tool, side Tool, Boring Tool, Cross-Peen Hammer, Eye-Punch, Drift-pin, Small Cross-Peen Hammer Ball-Peen Hammer, Hot Eye-Chisel, Cold Eye-Chisel, Geologist’s Pick, Hand Rock-Drill, Machine Rock-Drill, V-Fullers, Wing Swage, Dolly, Hunting Axe, Hunting Knife
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 151
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 7.2 MB
Product Code ATZNPK973

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