A Complete Trapper's Guide to Trapping and Trap Making

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A Complete Trapper's Guide to Trapping and Trap Making

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1880s, this is truly A Complete Trapper's Guide to Trapping and Trap Making, which contains all necessary information on the subject.

This book not only embraces the art of trapping and trap making, but extends further into the subject of the wild life of a trapping campaign -- containing full directions for building log cabins and shanties, boats and canoes, as well as full directions for curing and tanning of fur skins -- in short, a complete repository of all useful information pertaining to the life and wants of a professional trapper.

Featuring over 140 illustrations, this book is a must have for all amateur trappers and professional trappers.

Contents Covered:

  • Traps for Large Game
    • The Deadfall
    • The Gun Trap
    • The Bow Trap
    • The Downfall
    • The Bear Trap
    • The Pitfall
    • The Log Coop Trap
    • The Net Trap
  • Snares or Noose Traps
    • The Quail Snare
    • Hoop Nooses
    • The "Twitch-Up"
    • The Poachers' Snare
    • The Portable Snare
    • The "Simplest" Snare
    • Another Quail Snare
    • The Box Snare
    • The Double Box Snare
    • The Old-Fashioned Springle
    • The Improved Springle
    • The Figure Four Ground Snare
    • The Platform Snare
  • Traps for Feathered Game
    • The Sieve Trap
    • The Brick Trap
    • The Coop Trap
    • The Bat Fowling Net
    • The Clap Net
    • The Bird Whistle
    • The Wild Goose Trap
    • The Trap Cage
    • The Spring Net Trap
    • A Simpler Net Trap
    • The Upright Net Trap
    • The Box Owl Trap
    • The Box Bird Trap
    • The Pendant Box Trap
    • The Hawk Trap
    • The Wild Duck Net
    • The Hook Trap
    • The "Fool's Cap" Trap
    • Bird Lime
    • The Humming Bird Trap
  • Miscellaneous Traps
    • The Common Box Trap
    • Another Box Trap
    • The Figure Four Trap
    • The "Double Ender"
    • The Self Setting Trap
    • The Deadfall
    • The Garotte
    • The Bow Trap
    • The Mole Trap
    • A Fish Trap
  • Household Traps
    • The Barrel Trap
    • The Box Deadfall
    • The Board Flap
    • The Box Pitfall
    • The Cage Trap
    • The Jar Trap
    • Bowl Traps
    • Fly Paper
    • Fly Trap
  • Steel Traps and the Art of Trapping
    • Requisites of a Good Steel Trap
    • Hints on Baiting the Steel Trap
    • The Spring Pole
    • The Sliding Pole
    • The Clog
    • The Grappling Iron
    • The Season for Trapping
    • "Medicines" or Scent Baits
    • How to Trap the Fox
    • How to Trap the Wolf
    • How to Trap the Puma
    • How to Trap the Canada Lynx
    • How to Trap the Wild Cat
    • How to Trap the Bear
    • How to Trap the Raccoon
    • How to Trap the Badger
    • How to Trap the Beaver
    • How to Trap the Muskrat
    • How to Trap the Otter
    • How to Trap the Mink
    • How to Trap the Pine Marten
    • How to Trap the Fisher
    • How to Trap the Skunk
    • How to Trap the Wolverine
    • How to Trap the Opossum
    • How to Trap the Rabbit
    • How to Trap the Woodchuck
    • How to Trap the Gopher
    • How to Trap the Mole
    • How to Trap the Squirrels
    • How to Trap the Deer
    • How to Trap the Moose
    • How to Trap the Rocky Mountain Sheep
    • How to Trap the Buffalo
    • How to Trap the Prong Horn Antelope
    • Shooting and Poisoning
  • Campaign Life in the Wilderness
    • Plan of Campaign
    • Food and Cooking Utensils
    • The Trapper's Shelter
    • The Bark Shanty
    • Tents
    • Beds and Bedding
    • Tent Carpeting
  • The Trapper's Miscellany
    • Insect Ointments
    • Boat Building
    • Curing Skins
    • Tanning Skins
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:296
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:90.5 MB
Product CodeAC5QRRF39

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