1000 Beekeeping Questions and Answers

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1000 Beekeeping Questions and Answers

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For over 20 years as a popular advice columnist for American Bee Journal, the author has answered the queries of subscribers almost every subject in beekeeping has been touched. His wide experience, his inimitable style, and the clearness with which he writes have made these answers invaluable.

Originally published in the 1910s, this volume is a compilation of 1,000 beekeeping questions and answers, culled out of many thousands and arranged in alphabetical order for convenience. Its object is not to supplant existing textbooks on beekeeping, but rather to supplement them.

Below are just 10 sample questions from this compilation:

  • How many colonies of bees can be kept in one apiary?
  • I have a colony of bees that is very cross, and one that is very tame. How could I introduce a queen from the tame colony to the cross one so as to make them all tame?
  • What can I do for wax-worms in bees?
  • I build my own hives. Is it necessary to have bee-space between cover and brood-frames? I find some hives do not have this.
  • What is the best remedy for a bee sting?
  • I have six colonies of bees. The smaller ones are bothered with large, black ants. Is there any way of stopping them?
  • Is there any way to tell the age of a queen, and also how old should a queen be allowed to get?
  • What is the best way to find and catch the queen in a box-hive?
  • How to keep the bees of a swarm from swarming out again? I lost several swarms this summer by their swarming out.
  • What is the best method of producing beeswax? I want beeswax instead of honey.
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