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A Practical Handbook of Hop Culture: How to Grow Hops
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A Practical Handbook of Hop Culture: How to Grow Hops

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Product Information

Originally published at the turn of the 20th century, this practical handbook describes the most approved methods in growing, harvesting, curing and selling hops.

Contents Covered:

  • Origin and Spread of Hop Culture
  • Peculiarities of the industry
  • Characteristics of the plant
    • Botanical Characteristics
    • Differentiation
    • Confusion of Varieties
    • Male and Female Hops
    • The Principal Kinds
    • Seedless Hops, Varieties
    • What Constitutes Quality in Hops
  • Composition of the Hop Plant and Its Fruit
    • Characteristics of Lupulin
    • Varieties in Composition
    • The Chemistry of Hops
  • The Climate and Soil for Hops
    • Preparation of Soil
    • Peculiar Climatic Conditions Requited
    • Necessity of Proper Soil
    • The Kinds That Give Best Results, and Why
    • How to Prepare the Land for a New Plantation
    • American and Foreign Methods
  • Feeding the Hop Plant
    • Special Requirements
    • What Hops Take from the Soil
    • Effect of Different Elements of Plant Food on Quantity and Quality
    • Various Manures and Manorial Substances
    • Commercial Fertilizers and Agricultural Chemicals
    • Formulas for Hop Mixtures
    • When and How to Apply Fertilization
  • Laying Out a Hop Yard, and Training the Vines
    • Direction of Rows
    • Distance Apart
    • Training on Poles, Vines, Strings, etc
    • American vs. English, French and German Systems
  • Planting and Culture
    • Starting Plants
    • Selection and Care of Roots
    • How to Plant Them
    • Care of New Plantations the First Year
    • Treatment of Old Yards
    • Plowing, Grubbing, Cultivating, Hoeing, Laying by, etc
  • Pests of the Crop
    • Its Insect Enemies Fully Treated
    • Blights, Rusts and Other Fungi
    • Hail, Wind, Frost, etc
    • Practical Directions for Combating All These Pests
  • Harvesting the Crop
    • When to Pick the Hops
    • Maturity vs. Other Conditions
    • Management of Pickers
    • Full Account of All Details
  • Kilns for Curing Hops
  • Grading, Sampling and Marketing
  • Concentration in Hop Growing
  • Expenses and Profits
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 306
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 128 MB

Price: $5.95

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